Our Portfolio represents some of the innovative solutions we provide to projects, and showcases the close relationships we are able to build with our clients.

Our Projects

Our broad range of products and services have been utilized on projects throughout the world, all of which have a unique set of challenges and opportunities. We are an ideal partner for owners, engineers and contractors.

Thornton Treatment Plant Replacement Project

The City of Thornton is constructing a new treatment plant to replace the existing Thornton Water Treatment Plant (TWTP), which is over 55 years old. The TWTP works in conjunction with the city’s Wes Brown Water Treatment Plant (WBWTP). Located at a high elevation, the TWTP gravity feeds to Pressure Zone 1, where the WBWTP pumps
all treated water to the distribution system.
This project is a completely new build, with a capacity to treat 20M gallons of water per day, in addition to the 50M capacity of the WBWTP. The City of Thornton currently provides service to more than 135,000 residents, and the new facility is designed to handle the city’s growth projections.
SAC was contracted to provide the design, fabrication and delivery of pipe support systems, miscellaneous metals, pump stands and chemical cabinets for this project.

South Fort Collins Sanitation District Phase 1

The South Fort Collins Sanitation District is increasing its water treatment capacity at the Headworks and Dewatering Facilities to support the growth of its population.

The Fort Collins project will provide the South Fort Collins Sanitation District with additions and modifications to the existing Water Reclamation Facility. Designed to meet new discharge standards, this project will double the district’s treatment capacity at 18 MGD, increasing efficiency and energy conservation.

SAC supplied the design, fabrication and delivery of pipe supports for this project, and we continue to build a strong relationship with Hydro Construction.


San Jose - Santa Clara Regional Wastewater Cogeneration

The San José-Santa Clara Regional Wastewater Facility is the largest in the western United States and celebrates over 60 years in service. Its oldest engines were built in the 1960’s, with over a dozen engines generating power today.  This project includes the installation of 4 new natural gas/biogas fired reciprocating engines. The new engines will meet or exceed Achieved in Practice Emissions Standards maintained by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, allowing for a more efficient facility to serve the Silicon Valley area.

SAC provided design, fabrication, and delivery of pipe supports for this project, which provides the necessary infrastructure to support construction activity for the Plant Master Plan CIPs across the San José-Santa Clara Regional Wastewater site.

This design-build project has been an opportunity to continue our positive relationship with Overaa Construction.  As a proactive partner, we leveraged our expertise in design, engineering, and fabrication for a successful alternative delivery method.



SAC impressed me

SAC impressed me with their preparedness at pre-construction meetings and continues with regular check-ins to make sure everything is on track. Their engineering team and process, along with quality control stand above.

– Andrew
Garney Construction

Helped us tremendously

I would recommend SAC to others because of how well they worked with us on change orders and getting materials to the site as quickly as they could. We threw things at them from left field all the time and constantly changed the order in which we wanted things received, they took it all in stride and helped us tremendously.

– Zachary
Sundt Construction

A huge advantage

SAC’s combination of engineering, design of piping and supports is a huge advantage to the contractor on site. It allows for a lot of value engineering thus saving a lot of money.

– Frederic
Steve P Rados Inc

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